Cavity Wall Insulation

Polyurethane insulation and particularly closed cell is the ultimate system in the insulation of cavity walls. With a thermal conductivity of .025 w/k there is no other retrofit insulation system that comes near achieving the resulting U-values. Whether your project is new build or retrofit polyurethane closed cell sprayfoam will provide the solution.

It is imperative to check with your system provider that the intended system carries NSAI Certification for the application and purpose proposed.

Best insulation cavity wall insulation material available
Polyurethane foam not only insulates your cavity walls but is the most effective method of saving energy and heat in your property. Injected cavity wall sprayfoam insulation is among the best insulation cavity wall insulation material available and is the ideal system for cavity wall insulation.

PurAcell offer customers a polyurethane sprayfoam cavity wall insulation which their professional team of sprayfoam contractors install. This will retain your valuable heat inside during the cold months and the hot air outside during those warm summer months.

Benefit the entire energy status of a structure
Insulating cavity walls should benefit the entire energy status of a structure. For more information on insulating your home speak with your PurAcell contractor, or to speak to our advisors directly please complete the contact form.

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